how can i remove internet explorer 11?

My laptop did an update along with my Norton 360, finished & shut down as usual. I turn it on 2 days later & I get a message saying Windows didn't shut down properly & that it recommends clicking on where it says, "Recommended, computer self-fix or something to that effect." I tried clicking on a system restore & it says there are not restore dates. Also after this update, which included Explorer 11, when I go to do a email, it stops where I'm typing & jumps to another line continuously! Help!!! I can get past the safe mode but it takes forever to do anything and sometimes, it'll just set there spinning .......
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  1. Start -> Search programs and files
    Type "programs"
    Click "Programs and Features"
    Click "View installed updates"
    Scoll down to "Internet Explorer 11" under "Microsoft Windows"
    Right hand click and "Uninstall"
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