I installed new RAM and now the PC won't boot.

Hey, I have an i5-3470 motherboard that came with 4gb of RAM.

I went online and purchased an identical stick of RAM using the serial number. After installing this stick in the vacant slot the PC refuses to boot up. The CPU fan spins, the Harddrive whirls for a second, and then it powers itself off and on again and does the same thing endlessly (CPU and HD boot up for about 5 seconds then it dies)

If I remove the new RAM it works fine. Is the stick just DOA or am I doing something wrong?

UPDATE: I tried swapping the RAM over and the new stick works in slot 1 so the stick "works". There are only two slots on my motherboard so the order must not matter.

I am assuming the issue is the stick is faulty, It is labled as being 4gb running at 1.6MHz but when installed bios thinks it is 2gb running at 1MHz.

Is this just a faulty RAM stick or is there another reason it would be reading it like that?
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  1. Try looking in your motherboard manual to see what slots to put it in. Usually it's like 1/3 slots or 2/4 slots.
  2. The CPU only has two slots.

    I have put the new RAM in the old one's slot and it runs fine but when I put both 4gb sticks in the machine (in any order) it won't run like above.

    Individually both work, together they don't.
  3. Can you change any settings in the bios on your rig relating to the memory? If so try bumping dram voltage to 1.55v and raising VCCIO .1v same with VCCSA if VCCIO isn't present.
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