Upgrading current build and looking for opinions.

I am planing to upgrade my current gaming build. My build is currently as follows:

CPU: Intel i3-2120
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7750
RAM: 8GB 1333 mhz
PSU: Generic 300w

I have ~$300 to spend on a new PSU and GPU. I am upgrading my CPU later when I have more money to spend only on it.

Basically I am just looking for criticism on my current plan which is to upgrade my PSU to a SeaSonic S12II 620w and my GPU to an AMD R9 270(non-x). I will upgrade my CPU to either an i5-3570(non-k because motherboard limitations) or wait a bit longer and actually switch to AMD and get something like an 8320 or 8350 and buy an appropriate motherboard and more/faster RAM.

Side note: I play at 1360x768 res because I am weird and don't really think 1080p is worth the ~$150 ATM.

*Also sorry if this is the wrong section.
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    Good choices you are making there. If you want to upgrade to an intel cpu i suggest the lowest end ivy bridge i5, the i5 3330. This is basically an underclocked i5 3570. With many motherboards you can overclock this cpu, even tho its not overclockable :P it also comes in at a significantly lower price point.
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