Custom Water Cooling CPU Loop or New Monitor?

Basically I'm looking into one of two upgrades to do to my PC.

FX8320 @ 4.5Ghz
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Rev 3.0
8 GB 2133 RAM
Corsair CX750
500GB Hybrid Drive
1TB WD Black Drive
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Corsair Carbide 400R
Windows 7

Basically I'm Looking at these water cooling kits:

I'm also looking at this monitor:

Thanks for looking :3
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  1. What temps are you seeing under load with the 212?
  2. at load I'm getting around 50c-55c idle I'm getting 20c-25c
  3. also sorry for the late reply, fell asleep after I posted this.
  4. If it was me, I'd go for the monitor. Your temps are fine for that cpu and the added complexity and possibility of leaks of an open loop would make that option a non-starter for me. Once you got the loop up and running, I don't think you'd see more than 5* difference, but then again, that's just my guesstimate.

    Unless you are planning to be gaming/folding 24/7, I personally don't think the w/c would be a worthwhile upgrade. If you feel your temps are getting too high, I'd look at a Noctua cooler (about 1/3 the price of w/c) with a couple of high flow fans. Even a second fan on the 212 would give you another 2-3*.

  5. Right now I have 2 fans on my hyper 212+, I mostly game on the system while live streaming. I figured I might be able to achieve 5Ghz on my 8320 if I went with a custom loop. Would I see that much of a performance difference if I did go up .5Mhz?
  6. Here is a picture of some basic programs I use to monitor my temps and such, its at idle at the moment. If you wanted I can open prime 95 and take a picture of it at load.
  7. Running prime 95 small FFTs for 10 mins . it also does this weird thing where it goes to 2.9 then back to 4.5 while at full load on prime, c1e is disabled same with CnQ. Not sure what the issue is there everything that could possibly do this is off.
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    I'm not a big gamer, so asking me if the .5 bump would make a noticeable difference is kinda out of my wheelhouse. That said, I run my 2500k at 4g constant, and have bumped it to 4.4/5 on occasion just to see if I could. Running the usual array of benchmarks, the differences were really undetectable by my untrained eye - I could see the difference in the "numbers", but my eye saw nothing that I could call "WOW".

    I sure the gamers on here will take me to task for that kind of blasphemy, but I try to keep my rig simple, yet quick enough to do whatever I need. I prefer to have a good screen to watch, rather than wondering if I can squeeze another .1 out of the cpu.

  9. alright thanks for the help, Ill go for the monitor and grab a watercooling kit when I get a new processor ^^
  10. You are most welcome.
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