ATI Radeon 7950 crossfire vs others?

I wanna know something.
Since i purchased an 7950 Boost already (Vapor X 3GB edition), I wanna know its performance compared to others in sli.

In other words, I wanna know how 2X ATI Radeon 7950 3gb vapor x with boost will perform relative to following->

* Nvidia gtx 690
* Gtx Titan
* Radeon 290x
* Gtx 770 and 780

Please tell me will its performance be better.

My rest of config->
(already purchased).
ASrock z77 extreme 4
i7 3770k
corsair vangeance 2x 4gb ram
corsair h100i
...and stuff

And also, is there any diff. between 3770k and 4770k except graphical performance (I mean, processing performance wise).
I want them for gaming, programming, rendering.
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    umm 2X HD 7950 is i think = GTX titan and R9-290X and GTX 780 and wayy better than GTX 770 but < than GTX 690

    and i7-4770K is roughly 10% better performing than 3770K.
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