Minolta Di181 printer Driver for win7

Hello all,
I have a problem with connecting printer Minolta Di181 to my new win7 computer.
Problem is that latest drivers are only for win XP. I search ALL INTERNET ;) for drivers, but nothing new. I`ve called to Minolta and they told me they stopped support this printer.
I tried anything, I dont know what to do. Maybe I will try to install virtual XP and in it install printer with drivers for XP, but donno if it will work also.
Do you have any advice for me, please?!
thank you for answer.
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  1. Virtual XP with the XP drivers should work. The printer should also run as an emulated HP4 or 5, almost all laser printers will print with HP LaserJet 4 drivers. Although I am not sure how the extra trays or features other than straight printing will work doing that. Try using HP4 drivers under Win 7.
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