Problems installing new graphics card with PSU

I have purchased an HP Envy 700-074 with the intention of upgrading it, so I purchased a AMD Raedon R7 260X along with a 600W power supply unit. Upon startup, the fan for the PSU is running normally but the display on the monitor is completely black. There is no flash startup screen so I do not believe I can access the BIOS to disable the integrated graphics card, so what could this issue possibly be? Perhaps the motherboard doesn't recognize the new graphics card, so should I install the disc that came with the graphics card before attempting to install it?
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  2. Is your monitor connected to one of the graphic card outputs?

    -Wolf sends
  3. .That was actually the problem exactly!! The computer didn't even.flicker on during initial bootup, and the screen was just dark. Disabling Secure Boot and Enabling Legacy did just the trick, and everything booted up just fine. Thank you so much!
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