760 vs 7950 (760 is cheaper here and 7950 is about 50$ expensive)

I live in India and here 760 is cheaper than 7950 about 50$ so should i go for 760 ? or the 7950 is better?

Is 7950 better than 760? is it worth putting 50$ more ?
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    No, its not, get the GTX760. They perform pretty much the same. So get whichever is cheaper, since that the GTX760, get it.
  2. Is 1gb more VRAM that important in gaming, I mean the main thing 7950 and 760 differs is the 1gb vram does it matter?
  3. Both 760 and 7950 are almost same performer. The advantage with 7950 is its 3GB memory, perhaps in the future that extra 1GB may be beneficial. Its up to you to decided between the two Graphics cards
  4. The difference on a 1080p monitor is nothing between 2 and 3GB. But in certain situations(like 3 x 1080p monitors) the 3GB will be slightly better, but not much.
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