Network issues, random full system lockups and random applications crashing while doing system-intensive things.

Hey there, Neb here.

Specs first:

Windows 8 Professional OS
Apevia 680W non-modular PSU
MSI x58 Pro-E Mobo
12 gigs 3 channel set Corsair Dominator RAM
Intel Core i7 920 C0
Qualcomm Atheros AR938x PCI 1x Dual Channel WiFi adapter.
Samsung 840 EVO 120gb SSD (V:)
Seagate 2tb 7200RPM HDD (C:)
Nvidia GTX 760 GPU
NZXT Phantom 820 Ultra Tower+ Case

I've got a major issue with my system, that came out of virtually nowhere. Whenever I

alt-tab in or out of something full-screen,
use a lot of processing power, or
start my computer or major applications/games,

My computer will lock up (mouse still moveable but clicks nonresponsive) for a solid 2-3 minutes, and shortly after will unlock, register all key presses and clicks when locked, and crash all of the programs or applications i attempted to access in the past 5 or so minutes. So for example,

If I open up Crysis 3, The process will start, and i will attempt to check my facebook before the game itself takes over the screen. I accidentally click on Skype, and at this point I have interacted with Origin, Skype and Chrome. The game will not open, and the process will become nonresponsive in task manager. The entire desktop will lock up completely, including windows GUI, and after about 2-3 minutes of waiting, Chrome, Skype and Origin will crash along with Crysis 3.

This will also happen in games, skype calls, and while doing anything processor heavy, as well as alt-tabbing in general from something non fullscreen to fullscreen or vice-versa.

Another thing I have noticed about these freezes is that they will often happen at the same second as an input of some sort, such as a keystroke or a click. The only thing that I can think that I have changed in the past while is that I have installed a second monitor, on the same GTX 760.

I will try some things and do some research on the crashes and update as I go along. IF anyone has any input, questions or solutions, please feel free to post. Thank you for reading and have a good one,



I went into my Event Viewer and found a lot of atapi errors. Could this be a bad connection of a hard drive?

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  1. Your PSU is on the avoid list because of bad quality and can create strange issues and/or damage other components. I suggest replacing it with a quality unit and hope that is it.
  2. I actually was waffling about getting an NZXT PSU for christmas for myself.

    I'm looking to SLI some better cards in the moderate future so I was thinking I'd give myself plenty of headroom and get a Hale v2 1200.

    What's your opinion on NZXT HALE?
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    OK but I look at brands like Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, Enermax and XFX even some of the new Rosewill like the Capstone before thinking NZXT. With 2 x GTX760 you will only need 750watts and really what better cards would decide the size.
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