my cpu is 14 degrees?

Hi I just got a new liquid corsair system for my athlon ii x6 1090t its 3.2 ghz so I just downloaded the corsair link and it tells me my cpu is 14° what does that mean ? What ghz is my cpu now? 3.2 ? Or higher?
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  1. What 14° means is the CPU temperature in Centigrade , if you have not overclocked the CPU it still remains at 3.2 GHZ
  2. that sounds too low, unless you have under 10degress C in the room. check with coretemp to confirm
  3. Check wether you have your temperature probe set up correctly as this is too low even on liquid cooling
  4. How do I overclock then?
  5. The option should be available in your BIOS to do the overclocking but I dont recommend you do so because your six core cpu is more than capable for next gen games
  6. What do you mean more then capable For next gen gaming
  7. Your system is very good and you don't need to overclock as it can do gaming and other tasks very well.
  8. hadijak said:
    What do you mean more then capable For next gen gaming

    exactly what he said, that cpu will not bottleneck current gen graphics even at stock speeds. ok, maybe it would bottleneck radeon 280x or higher or gtx 770 or higher... anything below that should do just fine even on that cpu without overclocking
  9. I got the 780ti
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    well then you have a problem. the cpu bottlenecks the graphics - not a lot, but you might have lower fps then banchmarks. you'd need at least a i7-4770 or i7-3770 for it.

    if you dont get huge drops and you can play all the games you want i wouldn't worry about it. if you increase the detail levels and AA that would tax the graphics (without more load on the cpu) more so you'd get the most out of it anyway.
  11. A bottle neck would occur but it wouldn't be that noticable as current gen and next gen games will not require either of those hardware components to work at max
  12. my question is How many ghz is my CPU now with 10 to 15 ° and does that mean it is overclocked?
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