How do I connect two windows xp computers to each other via ethernet cable?

Both computers are running Windows XP (both built in 2004, one is a Dell others an HP). Both connect to internet wirelessly via a USB adapter. Both tell me a network cable is unplugged. I have three different ethernet cables and i have tried all of them its not the cable. What to do?! Please help me if you can.
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  1. If they don't have gigabit ethernet you need a crossover cable or a switch
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    Its going to get messy...

    The correct/simplest way is to use a router.. then you plug each machine into the router via the Ethernet cables and the router then handles the messy networking part. .assigning IP addresses to your machines.. and "routing" the traffic so each machine can see each other and pass info between each other....

    You CAN do it.. with ethernet crossover cable.. but to be honest.. its messy and if you asking the question here.. you probably don't want to mess with it.

    So a couple of questions...
    You connect via "wireless"? really wireless or are they 3G USB dongle things?
    If they really are wireless.. what do they connect to? do you have a wireless router in your house already? (if you do.. you probably already have the router you need and can probably connect Ethernet to that).
    And why you have to connect via Ethernet? what you actually trying to do that means you think you need to connect via Ethernet?
    So without overloading you with questions.. can you handle those? or you have no idea what I am talking about?

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