hd 7850 for 1080p gaming.

Hi there.
Currently I'm using two monitors, one has 1366*768 resolution the other 1280*1024. Im thinking to upgrade to a single 1080p monitor (23'', 60Hz). How viable is it for my asus hd 7850 dcuII (2GB)??
My gpu is pretty good for OC i can get it to run @ 1050 core - 5532 memory, and I'm getting good FPS while playing games like farcry3 or acIVblackflag or crysis3 on either monitor.
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  1. It will work better than the previous setup as there are less pixels than before
  2. The 7850 does fine at 1080P but don't expect everything on highest setting.
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    run it with the stretch option between the 2 monitors, should let you get an idea about how it will run with one 1080p monitor (number of pixels is about the same).
  4. You mean the stretch option through eyefinity??
  5. yes, such that you use the 2 monitors like a single one at a higher resolution
  6. Ok I was testing what you said before and I noticed some drops in performance while playing ACIVblackflag.. while running through trees I was getting 28~55 fps :/
    I'm thinking maybe to add another 7850 in a crossfire setup, in order to bump up a little the fps. The thing is I have a very old cpu (q9300 @ 2,5ghz) and since there will be some bottleneck I dont know how large it will be? Is the cpu strong enough to provide the 10 more fps that I need in games like this??
  7. i think the cpu is bottlenecking too... i suggest you get the new monitor and take it from there. it could be that it just works ok.
  8. The CPU and the card are a good match but you can always try OC the CPU!
  9. Rolli thats exactly what I was gonna say... I can get my cpu to run @ 3 Ghz really easy, so maybe I can get it stable even at 3,5-3,6 to avoid any further bottlenecks.
    So I think Im gonna buy this monitor and see.. maybe its ok like that maybe the cpu needs a little oc or maybe ill get a 2nd gpu or maybe all this together lol.
    I think Ill get this Monitor LG 23MA53D it has a really good price but Im confused because the site im buying from says the response time is 5 ms (which i think is good) although in the greek version of the LG official site they say the response time is 14ms. In the german version of the site they say 5 ms. I dont know which is correct.. Maybe you can recommend any other IPS 23'' monitor with low response time in that price range? Maybe this is better? (its a little more expensive)
  10. There are two versions of that LG TV/monitor, there is a PZ version that has 14 ms and normal that is 5ms.
  11. Ty Rolli for clearing this out!! The greeks dont give any attention to details like the 2nd version of the screen. I was in a big store in athens and they wanted to sell me the PZ and they said it has 5 ms response time LOL. I'll have to clear it out with them, so I get the 5 ms version.
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