My computer keeps disconcting its self from the internet, but the internet is fine??

This mostly happens when i am on YouTube and watching a video, the video just stops and does not buffer and to get it working i need disconnect my PC from the internet then connect back, its that simple but it just keeps doing the same thing, there is no pattern to this, sometimes it will not happen for a few days and sometimes it will happen every 20 seconds or so, this has not always been a problem it has just started to happen after i reinstalled windows and i remember last time i reinstalled windows it was doing the same thing then but it sorted its self out after a few months but it was not as bad as what is happening now.

I run on windows 7 and BT broadband
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  1. Are you using some type of USB Wifi adapter?
  2. Nuck Chorris said:
    Are you using some type of USB Wifi adapter?

  3. Check for drivers online.
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