Switchable graphics Compatiblity: GTX 650 with APU A6 3500

My existing system:
Board: Gigabyte GA A55mDS2
Processor: A6 3500 (IGP: 6530D)
Now, I plan on purchasing any one of the two cards below:
GTX 650
or, Radeon 7750
Now is there any chance the card not being compatible with my setup or cause driver related issues?
Will I be still able to use the auto switchable graphics between the APU and dedicated card?
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    Desktop graphics do not switch unless using virtu which I won't suggest. Either card will work and you won't want to use your igpu anyways.
  2. ^^
    No switching! you mean the dedicated card will always be ON...even when I am not playing games or GPU intensive tasks, the dedicated card will keep on like a power consuming beast?
  3. Idle, the 7750 uses 5w, the 650 is 6w. Browsing/movies/etc. may make it go to 10-15 or so. To mobile devices this small amount will matter for battery life, but for desktops it won't matter. That's hardly $5 for an entire year on your power bill.
  4. Oh that makes sense...but what about driver compatibility..I mean the nVDIA card OK with my APU and board?
  5. Cpu and gpu manufacturer doesn't matter.
  6. Allright then, and thank you for the effort
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