Can I use a Sony PS3 HDMI and USB cables to watch things from my laptop to my tv.

I am trying to find an affordable cable to be able to watch clips on my laptop to my tv. Can I use a Sony PS3 HDMI and USB cables to do this? I have hdmi on tv and usb 2.0 on laptop. (not micro usb)
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  1. yeah, any hdmi cable will work just fine so long as it is 12 feet or less

    The usb does not matter, the tv and the laptop will not talk to one another over usb.
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    Since your laptop does not have HDMI outputs you will need either a VGA to HDMI converter or an external USB video card with HDMI outouts. You may be able to use the PS3 to find the files on the laptop over your wifi network. Streaming them over the network might be possible but not reliable. Check out this link
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