20m cable instead of wireless usb?

hello..i am building a gaming pc..as you understanded i will be playing games alot..fps games generarly(bf4)...my router is a little bit far from my room...i thought of simply buying a wireless usb...but i thought again that the wireless usb wouldnt have the right speed for games like bf4..so i bought a 20m cable...i made my home look ugly as shit but i managed to get the cable inside my room...i tested the connection speed on my laptop 2 times with wireless and 2 times with wired...wireless had a higher ping...i am disapointed right now...do you think the cable was a bad idea ?
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  1. The higher the ping - the slower the connection. It is measured in mS return from the server.
  2. The lower the ping the better.

    A "ping" test is the amount of time it takes a packet to get from your computer to the router, usually measured in milliseconds.

    So, the lower the ping, the faster your packets reach the destination.

    Which means if you come around the corner, and are face to face with another player. And you both hit the trigger at the same time, and you have a 20ms ping and he has a 100ms ping, you will kill him, before he kills you (not including enviromental variables like weapon and headshot type of things)

    For gaming (especially FPS) I always use a cable. Just to get that edge on other players. I also choose local servers with low ping times as well.
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