Trade in my ASUS 680TOP to GTX 770 reference?

Should i try to trade my 680TOP to 770 reference?
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    they're basically the same chip with similar performance. your 680 top has a better cooling solution so I would leave it alone
  2. not worth it the 770 has faster and better ram thats its only true advantage over your card ...don't forget the 770 can be overclocked to but its pretty much at its limit if you push them to high mzh it starts having negative effect on its boost settings and can start to perform worse once the card has warmed up due to the rapid gain in heat the turbo core compensates for the temp and starts to down clock the card same for the gtx 680 though .. its not really much of an upgrade and deffently not worth paying any money into if you already own the 680 put it that way.
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