New build Asrock Z77 boots to code 4f - and possibly 6d, then reboots

My new build PC with asrock z77 does not boot. The boot code shows 4f for a few seconds and then flashes 6d (I think - I am sure about the 6) for an instant before rebooting. I checked with another powersupply to make sure it's not the PSU.

Motherboard: Asrock Z77 extreme 4 with 2.80 bios
CPU: Intel i5-3570 with stock cooler
Memory: 2x kingston hyperx blu 8gB 1600MHz DDR3

What can I do? I bought the memory from one supplier and the rest of the build from another.

Also, if I try to clear the CMOS, I get to boot to code b7 to show for a second or so (after 4f) and then reboot. All subsequent boots leadto the same briefly flashing debug code (probably 6d) as described above. Not sure whether this a red herring or valuable information.
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  1. B7 stands for Configuration Reset (will happen every time you clear CMOS)

    that 6D stands for North Bridge DXE initialization (might be a ram problem) or might as well be a problem with your motherboard.

    i dont know about the 4F (DXE IPL is started)

    suggest you get in touch with as rock customer care
  2. Hmm. Guess I'm going to try and get some other RAM tomorrow. Perhaps buy the cheapest smallest DDR3 that I can get and see if that will boot.

    Also just checked the full sequence of debug codes. I THINK I got them:
    10 (PEI Coe is started)
    15 (Pre-Memory North Bridge init is started)
    30 (Reserved for ASL??) <-- getting suspicious I saw this right, but sure looks that way to me.
    56 (Invalid CPU type or speed)
    46 (OEM post memory init codes)
    49 (ditto)
    55 (memory not installed)
    3b (post-memory south bridhge init is started)
    4F (DXE IPL is started)

    NOw I'm seeing BOTH a CPU error AND memory not installed? Does that mean pretty much everything is messed up?
  3. Best answer many errors can only appear if you have either a faulty bios or mobo.

    as i suggested get in touch with as rock customer care
  4. Gonna try and sort it with the shop who sold me the motherboard and let them sort it with Asrock. Will let you know how it turns out, thanks.
  5. Replaced the motherboard and now works like a charm. Thanks!
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