Are my CPU temps too high?

So I'm a bit confused about my temperature. At the moment I am running few programs with Open Hardware Monitor open.
So I am not sure which temperature is my CPU.

It says
System - min 40c max 41c
CPU - min 48c max 51c
Core #1-#8 - min 32c max 43c

So which one is my CPU, the cores or the CPU. Also are they low to high. Just an note I reapplied thermal compound about 2 weeks ago. Also I THINK I have a stock cooler for my AMD FX 8120
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  1. what I find funny, is your stock cooler is running better than my current after market cooler... most people have different opinions on idle temps.. some say.. if your intel... 40 c idle is perfectly fine, then you get the others who say 30 c idle is better, and some say 40 c is your too high.. take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Well yeah. It goes to about 57/589 when I game. THe CPU temp that is. Not sure about system/core 1-8
  3. Each core will be under a different load . Some might not be being used at all and will be cooler . The cpu temps are very good .

    Anything over 65 C is going to affect the life of your processor
  4. I was told. that your core is better that getting the right temp than CPU.. as it might not be accurate.. but cores are the hottest part of the CPU.. so imo it's better going by the core temp.
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    If you're using the stock cooler, that's actually not too bad. I believe the CPU temperature is what the temps are at the socket (where it plugs in at the board), and the Core temperature is what each individual core temperature is inside the CPU.

    40c, while a little high for idle or running just a few programs, is still well within limits. Basically anything below 60c is perfectly acceptable. If you see it start to go over about 60c, such as when you play games or intensive programs, that means your cooler simply isn't enough.

    Seeing as your running an 8-core CPU, it's pretty much expected of you to run an aftermarket cooler. It'll give the chip a longer life, and help keep the rest of the system cool as well.

    Something like the Coolermaster hyper 212+ or Evo would be a good choice, if it fits in your case. As they're very affordable, yet offer excellent cooling performance.
  6. Thanks, I may look into that. I go about 59 max when playing games.
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