i switched hard drives in my desktop and now I get a bootlogmsg error on bios startup. Is it a bad hard drive?

Bootlogmsg error on bios startup. I put in my old hard drive from my other desktop whose motherboard got fried and would like to use it in my other tower but it won't boot up. I enabled Raid and I can get to the files from my Vista OS but I want my Windows7OS to run this computer but the drive wont boot. The boot menu shows the Maxtor drive but when I choose it to boot I get the error message
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  1. I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to do. Why enable RAID? You want to have the two drives in a RAID array?

    If you're just putting the new/spare drive into the tower and trying to boot from it, you can't do that - you have to install Windows to the new drive, as the installation currently on that drive is set up for a completely different set of hardware.
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