Is my CPU the bottleneck?

CPU: AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE
Graphics card: R9 290
Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3
PSU: CX600 600w

Many games don't seem to run as they should. I dont think it is my graphics card but the cpu isn't reaching 100% on the task manager. Is it possible for it to bottlenecking without reaching 100%?
Battlefield 3 runs ok but could be better but games like hitman absolution have terrible FPS. I am upgrading the CPU soon and i want to be sure it is definitely that.
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  1. yes
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    yea and the drivers are still new for that card.
  3. Yes it is bottlenecking a lot with that CPU.
  4. out of curiosity what kind of fps are you getting in battle field 3 with that card.?
  5. processors' slow for one and it's also not able to keep up with modern coding. time for an upgrade. graphics drivers will do nothing to help.
  6. goodguy713 said:
    out of curiosity what kind of fps are you getting in battle field 3 with that card.?

    On Ultra small multiplayer maps mostly stay at 60 fps. Campaign and big maps go from 60 and sometimes down to around 40. CPU on the taskbar is usually around 80% and the graphics card doesn't reach 95C which is what it apparently should be running at. I won this achievement on 3DMark so im guessing it definitely is my CPU LOL
  7. thats actually not all that bad for ultra settings with your processor.. you sure you have v sync turned off..? not that i exspect it to make much difference I will find out here soon I picked up a 270x in the mail.. lol I almost bought a 290 but i thought to my self.. upgrade system first thing is I decided to just get a graphics card and then wait for haswell E to come out. and for the x99 platform my system still plays all the games i like..
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