2560X1440 pc monitor

Ive been looking for a 2560x1440 resolution gaming PC monitor and I think this one is pretty decent

But I am not sure If i should use the HDMI cable or the DVI cable to get to the max resolution and also will my card be able to handle to display the resolution?

My graphic card is a 780 gtx superclocked ACX from EVGA
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  1. The HDMI cable would be for if the monitor had speakers and sound needed to be sent to the monitor. I would use the DVI-D port and connect it to the DVI-I port on the video card. The cable should be a dual link cable and that will give you the best result for that monitor.
  2. I use display port
  3. Correct me if i am wrong , what you are saying 1 end of the cable is an DVI-I and the other end of the cable should be a DVI-D that goes to the monitor?
    Or could you show me the kind of dual cable I need please?
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    You should use Display port or DVI-D for best picture. HDMI works but you may want to read technical specifications on the monitor to ensure that it accepts HDMI at 2560x1440. (The dell U2711's do not).

    The cable DVI-D cable should be the same on both ends, mine specifically is stamped "duel".

    As for power you will be in good shape. I run 3 dell U2711's on a GTX titan, so one 2560x1440 on a 780 gtx should be fine.
  5. a dollar to the man that suggested the display port........................
  6. Yes that would work.
  7. How is the display performing in games? Any noticable lag?
    (I have the same gfx card and I am just about to buy the Acer B276HUL)
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