Blackscreening, error reporting Hardware unplugged, fans turn off. GTX 670

Hi guys n girls.

I am building a new rig this weekend, so have been benchmarking my old system.

While running the Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 I have been experiencing occasional black screens. When this happens the fans on my card dissable, I hear them spin down and spin back up after the black sceen recovers.

The black screen is totally unpredictable, it doesnt happen at one particular part in the loop of scenes, it does not appear to be temperature related (card maxes at 67C). Sometimes it is coupled with a driver crash, or even an error saying the hardware (gfx card) is unplugged, I have tried it with 3 different driver versions now, but it happens with all. Tried with 331.82, 331.65 and very old 310.70. I have experienced the crash in a few games, but did not understand the significance until I benchmarked and experienced it time after time. It seems to happen about every 2-4 minutes.

If the black screen does not throw an error, which it doesnt every time, the benchmark will load back in and say I have been running at 0fps for the time I lost.

I am wondering if this is a problem with the card, psu or something I havent considered, could you help? If it is PSU related, not a problem that is going in the upgrade. If however it is gfx card related this is a problem (I dont want to be buying a new card). Or a blessing as it is a great excuse to get a new card.

My current rig is as follows
I5 - 760 @ 3.6
Asus P7P55D-E
2X4Gb G Skill F3
KFA2 OC GTX 670 4Gb
Corsair 520 PSU (I cannot remember the exact spec, sorry)

I am moving up to
I7 - 4770K
Asus Maximus VI Hero
2X8GB Kingston HyperX Predator
KFA2 OC GTX 670 4Gb
Seasonic G-650 Modular

Both will be using the same HDD setup, which is a single SSD for OS and other HDDs for data.
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  1. this look like there will be a new gpu in the system test it in another system and if you have the same result time for it .
  2. So you are thinking the gpu is failing sporadically?
  3. the way you describe what it does made the test to confirm .
  4. What do you mean by "what it does made the test to confirm?"
  5. testing the gpu in another system that will confirm if it the issue or that the motherboard slot is is could be related to your intel cpu you could wait to get all the new parts to test it .
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