Good ram for FX6300 or FX8320

Hi i am going to upgrade my pc with the following items.
And i want to know wich ram would be the best for this configuration.
I want 8GB of ram.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Go with G.Skill. If you go to NewEgg and sort ALL the memory they offer by rating, there's a reason G.Skill sucks up the top few pages. It just works. I have four kits myself - one 2x8 in my laptop, two 2x4 in my desktop, and a set of 2x4 budget memory in an HTPC. All of it has worked without any problems.

    I'm not all that familiar with PCPartPicker, but any of their 2x4GB kits of RipJaws X will work just fine; the only real differences past that are speed and timing... 1600Mhz CL9 is a pretty safe choice, but I'd be more than happy to flip through a few pages and find the best deal if you want.
  2. someguynamedmatt said:
    but I'd be more than happy to flip through a few pages and find the best deal if you want.

    Yeah thanks dude that would be awesome :)
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    Will do. I'll update this right here when I find it... shouldn't take long.

    It looks like they're taking $20 off of that for some reason, which is an amazing deal if it lasts. I liked the old heatspreader a lot more than the new design, but it's still the same RAM underneath.
    5 Stars with 1,460 reviews. That should say it all. DDR3-1600 is a nice general speed, seems to work well in just about anything, and is easily OC'd ontop of that. Same kit I put into an older Phenom II x4 965 build with no problems whatsoever.

    I see NewEgg has a lot of G.Skill kits on sale, but a lot of them are selling out...

    Isn't the Ares a more premium memory kit? I mean, if the OP plans on doing a good bit of Memory OCing, that would be fine, but the less expensive RipJaws work just as well for a bit less money. That is, as long as my memory serves me right... I'll double check that just to be sure.
    I was wrong... it looks like they've really brought the price on their ARES series down quite a bit since I last looked into it.
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