Graphics card for a budget AMD rig

First of all, I'm Spanish, so sorry about my English. I know it's not anywhere near perfection.

Let me start by telling you about my rig, intended for both multimedia and gaming:
- CPU: AMD FX-6300
- Mobo: ASROCK 980DE3/U3S3
- PSU: RML 550W "Standard" (It has no 6-pin PCI-e connector, but I can easily use a Molex to PCI-e adaptor or two)

I use a multi-purposed monitor which goes at 1280x1024 max resolution and can't change it.

Since I ran out of money at the time, I had to use my old Radeon 5450, thinking about buying a powerful graphics card later.

Since "later" has finally come, it's time to upgrade by sticking in another RAM stick, so I have 8 GB of the same RAM model, and a graphics card. The problem is, I'm again on a budget so I have to choose wisely in order to maximize the gaming potential.

I was thinking about a R9 270 or a 7870, and should I need more muscle in the future, just add another one and Crossfire them, since I really can't spend much more than the price of the cheapest 2GB R9 270.

What would you recommend in order for me to be able to keep playing new games in max/very high settings? (at 1024 or less)
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    You could get this Asus R9 270 and overclock it to perform similar to the R9 270X .

    As long as you stay with that resolution, you should have no problems maxing any game.
  2. I agree with jjs0891.
  3. Thank you very much. That will do then, but I'll be picking this R9 270 because it's cheaper and in Spain, parts are way more expensive than in the US:
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