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I built my own pc a few months ago and it has been running just fine up untill about 2 weeks ago. I have been having random crashes. Sometimes its the DQS training failed, BSOD, my screen just seizes up, or i get this random text scrolling, OR just nothing at all it just goes blach and i have to restart it. This is usually when ever i go to watch a video or play a game.
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  1. First of all i would ask you to say me your whole pc configuration(dont forget to say me full specs about the psu) After that i will assist you. Good Luck
  2. My build is amd phenom ii x4 965 black edition deneb 3.4ghz
    1 stick of vengeance 1600 1.50v 4g ram
    1tb 7200 rpm harddrive
    Mobo is A885GM-A2
    Im running windows 7 also.
  3. You havent said me Power Supply Unit and Graphic card.
  4. Sorry about that,
    Psu is 500w rs-500-pcar
    And the gpu is onboard and its a Raedon hd 4250
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    Almost sounds video card related. Do you have the latest drivers? Or (the tougher one) did you recently upgrade drivers, and need to roll back to a previous version?
  6. I havent been able to find any drivers online, and the last update i did was the one windows found for it. Im Probaly gonna buy a new video card and hopefully that fixes it
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