Annoying frame rate drops while gaming.

Good evening !

I recently treated myself to a new desktop for gaming but from day one i have suffered obnoxious frame rate drops at any time in games.
The worst offender was Battlefield 4 but i blamed the game while reading the games forums as others had the same issue.
It wasnt til recently buying Far Cry 3 that i realised i had the same problems.
In the game Payday 2 i have a very brief screen freeze now and again.

I will be happily running around in games with 80fps but all of a sudden for no apparent reason i will drop to 20fps which will hold for 5-10 seconds then steadily climb back to 80.

I have the latest drivers.

Under load my cpu and gpu temps range at 50-58c.

In Bios i set cool and quiet to disabled (recommended by forums) . High performance power settings are on.

I have unparked my cores (also recommended on the battlefield forums)

I have tried every recommendation with the task manager.

my system:

AMD fx 8350 cpu (not over clocked)
Gigabyte 970-ds3 motherboard
Powercolor Radeon 7950 gpu
Gskill DDR3-1600 8gb ram
Corsair 600w psu
Windows 7
1280x 768 resolution

I would really like to get to the bottom of this and not just shrug and tolerate it. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much
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  1. When you say you have the latest drivers, is there any chance that you've picked up beta drivers for your GPU? I'm told they can be notoriously twitchy with framerates, among other things.
  2. Set your card to run at 800Mhz core clock and 1250Mhz memory clock. Any difference?
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