I can't create a partition of Unallocated space on my new hard drive

I just bought a 4T HD and It has one partition and another part with unallocated space.. I can't create one partition for some reason.. I have tried partition manager and partition magic and no lock what can I do to turn this hd into just one partition??
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    To create a partition of larger than 2 TB the drive needs to use a GPT partition table. What version of Windows are you running? If this is to be used as a storage drive, look for the option "convert to GPT disk" then delete the current partition and create a new one.
  2. That option may be found under Disk Management. In Windows Vista or 7 you can right-click Computer and select "Manage" then select Disk Management. You need to have a 64 bit copy of Windows.
  3. I have windows 8, I have gone to Disk Management but I dont see that of option for GPT Partition... Yes it will be use as a storage drive.
  4. By the way I do have windows 64 bit
  5. Is your Windows 8 32 of 64 bit?
  6. 64bit
  7. Is the option to convert to GPT greyed out, when you right-click the 4TB drive in Disk Management?

    I just rechecked the requirements and 64 bit is only required for a boot volume (a storage volume can work with either 32 or 64)

    Perhaps you can try diskpart.exe from an administrator command prompt?
  8. ok yes I see it but like you said it is greyed it out... what command should I use on diskpart?
  9. IF you DELETE the partition now, does the option to convert to GPT become active in Disk Management? If you need to use diskpart, there is a guide here:
  10. It worked!!! when I deleted the partition... thank you...
  11. By the way my primary disk has three partitions one with 245MB another with 100MB (System Reserved) and my regular c: drive.. can I convert all three into one partition?
  12. I wouldn't worry about the partitions on the main drive system reserved is used to store Windows' boot files and the 245 is probably also reserved by the system. They're too small to worry about and if you deleted them Windows wouldn't work
  13. Ok.. Thanks for all your help.
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