good micro atx MB for i5 4670K

Whats a good microatx MB for a good micro atx MB for i5 4670K? May dabble in uk so choice might not be great, was looking at this:

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  1. To have the option to overclock, you need a Z87 based motherboard. Others will not work.
    I have been happy with a Gigabyte G1.SNIPER M5
  2. ah bit out of my price about a standard board for no OCing?

    was thinking about leaving the AMD fold and going with intel..

    I have a 280x TOXIC, 650w psu, 2x4 GB Ripjaw 1600 RAM, OCZ agility ssd....will the RAM be ok?

    Will I get an increase in fps for gaming with the i5 over a AMD a10 5800 or FX8320 with the 280x toxic?

    This is in my price range:
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