What recommended PSU wattage for good cooling with this build?

This is my build:
AMD FX-6300
Asus M5A97 R2.0
Radeon HD 7870
G.skill RipjawsX 8GB
Cooler Master Elite 430
Asus 24D3ST Black 24x SATA

I don't know what specific PSU wattage to use with this build and with 5x 120mm cooling fans. Like this thermal solution in this site (http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/case/mid-tower/elite-430-black.html) but I won't put a fan at the bottom.

XFX Core Edition 550W is what Sakkura recommended to me from my thread before.

My question is, what PSU and how many wattage I need with these 5x 120mm cooling fans and this build. Is 550W alright like there's no more free wattage for additional things. Or, do I have to pick another PSU with higher wattage to be compatible with my build and its cooling system.

Please help me, it will be much appreciated. It's my first time on building a Gaming PC.

Thank you!
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  1. Yes; that PSU is a good fit. I would second @Sakkura's suggestion.
  2. What my brother was saying to me is, if I want to have these 5x 120mm cooling fans, I will need a higher PSU wattage like 750W. Is it true? Or XFX Core Edition 550W is enough to handle these build and cooling system?
  3. What your brother should do is a bit of research or experiment. A fan use minimal power to run. Almost negligible compared to the power your other components use. Heck, your HDD use more power than a fan.
  4. So, it's totally alright to use XFX Core Edition 550W for my build and 5x 120mm cooling fans?
  5. Definitely and with room for overclocking should you wish, but you'll need an aftermarket cooler for that.
  6. I'm not going to overclock though.

    Problem is, I don't know if XFX Core Edition 550W is available in my country which is Philippines. If it isn't, what other specific PSU would you recommend?
  7. I don't live in the Phillippines so it's hard for me to give suggestions. Perhaps you can link me to some sites?
  8. Here, http://pcx.com.ph/components/power-supply.html

    Just being curious, what is the total wattage or power requirement of my build including the fans? By the way, this is the 120mm fan I'm looking into http://pcx.com.ph/peripherals/cpu-cooler/deepcool-windblade-120mm-led-blue.html
  9. What's your budget on the PSU?

    And I would say 500W should cover it (minimally). That's not to say all 500W PSU. Quality 500W PSUs can handle it no problem.
  10. ksham said:
    What's your budget on the PSU?

    And I would say 500W should cover it (minimally). That's not to say all 500W PSU. Quality 500W PSUs can handle it no problem.

    Under $100
  11. I searched for other PSU that has the same-ish price and found this Seasonic M12II 620W 80+ Bronze with good reviews. But will it fit for my pc build and case?
  12. Yes; that SeaSonic one is a great PSU. And at a very good price.
  13. XFX Core Edition 550W vs. Seasonic M12II 620W 80+ Bronze

    Which one has the better quality and performance?

    Anyway, is my gaming pc build good? Are there any necessary changes?
  14. Both are good. All XFX PSUs are manufactured by SeaSonic. XFX does not make their own PSUs. Go with whichever is cheaper. If they're both around the same price, the SeaSonic one is 70W more.

    And yes, your build looks good. Not sure I would make any changes unless you have budget left to buy a more powerful GPU.
  15. I will buy these parts 6 months from now because I'm still saving up money. Will these parts may subject to change because there will be new hardwares to be released in the next few months?

    Can you suggest a more powerful GPU and how much is it? My budget is under $230.
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