125 W CPU support with only a 4 pin CPU power connector?

Is it really possible? Is it recommended?
I thought that 125 W CPU support was made possible with the 8 pins CPU power connectors...
I'm confused because of those:
MSI 760GM-E51 (FX)
They claim to support 125 W CPU. Is that right?
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  1. If the CPU is listed as compatible for the motherboard, I'm sure it can provide enough power for the CPU with the available connectors.
  2. Its close and ocing with them would be a poor idea, but yes, however some of the asus boards have officially pulled support for them
  3. Those are Micro ATX boards and you'll get away with a higher CPU power consumption by reducing other power needs on the board.
  4. Whether the CPU power connector has 4 or 8 pins is not a determining factor as to the support of 125 Watt TDP CPUs. You should check the manufacturers CPU Support List for official support.
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    The 4-pin connector has two 8-amp lines on it which in theory means it can get up to 192 watts to the plug on your motherboard. The problem is, it's up to the motherboard manufacturer what happens from this point, and they don't have any requirement to use components that are going to be able to handle all of that power over a 4-pin connector. As everybody else has mentioned, your best bet is going to be to read the documentation for the particular make, model, and revision of motherboard you are using.
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