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hay guys i'm having a problem.i have a pci 1.1 slot .But my axle gt 630 2gb classic edition not performing well on my rig.i'm paling some old games in poor graphics.they also lag some times but i played binary domain,syndicate in max settings.But GR future soldier,saint row 3,AC 3 and some games are really lagging . my specs are duel core 2.20 ghz, 2 Gb ram (ddr 2),foxxcon g41 motherboard.Also i have a gt 610 video card i played many games with this specs.all are in med-low settings.So why i can't get the full performance of the games with axle gt 630 :/ please help
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    That cpu is pretty low by today's standard's. 2gb of ram is definitely not enough ram for this generation of games. All of those games you mentioned that ran poorly are most likely due to the specs you have. AC3 is poorly optimized for pc, saints row 3 was a good port, and im not sure about GRFS. Maybe see if you can upgrade ram/cpu?
    Could you also list your specs in entirety?
  2. what you mean about it . my specs are duel core 2.20ghz, 2gb ram , foxconn g41 MB ,axle gt 630 classic edition , win 7 64 bit OS.
    u mean i have to upgrade my ram and CPU ?
  3. By entirety, I meant like what brand name, (Amd, intel) ,and yes 2.2ghz dual core and 2gb of ram is pretty low, you might want to consider upgrading. Have you tried updating drivers?
  4. Something like Cpu ID would help identify your parts.
  5. I have the newest nvidia drivers 331.yeah intel one. well i'll try to upgrade my ram :) thnk you
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