Best gaming pc build for $400 and upgradeable?

My friend has $400-$450 and wants a gaming pc that is well upgraded.
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  1. AMD is the way to go bro. Get an fm2+ mobo, then get the a10 6800k.
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    Here is an excellent guide for building a $450 gaming PC with a list of all the parts you need:
  3. Apparently he only has $250 Facepalm Austin anything that can run Minecraft, Warrock and the hidden very well for that much? there is a gtx 560 ti on craigslist for $60 if that helps
  4. Eh.......
    I think he should save up more money before picking out parts. You are not really going to get very good value with a $250 budget.
    If he wants to look for used components on craigslist, I can't help.
  5. So I will get him a garbage disposal for $250.
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