Installed 32-bit Windows 8 (w/ Product Key). Want windows 64 bit. Help

I just recently purchased a copy of windows 8 off the Microsoft webstore. I loaded everything onto a bootable USB, but for some reason it didn't give me the option to choose b/w 32 and 64 bit, and I didn't realize that it installed 32 bit Windows! How can I do a clean install with 64 bit windows? I have the product key
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  1. sorry but your cd you've buy may be without x64 edition
  2. You would probably have to reinstall windows with the 64bit version which you can maybe (not sure) download from the Microsoft website or do a google search and see which legit site may have it. You can then use the same key
  3. Louis Andrei Suba said:
    sorry but your cd you've buy may be without x64 edition

    I purchased a download off the Microsoft website. Apparently the installer doesn't let you choose between 32 and 64 bit, and since I was installing the iso on a 32-bit computer, it downloaded a 32-bit iso. Need a way to find a 64-bit copy of Windows legally :\
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    You can use your Product key to d'load a W8 ISO from the following links, but be sure to use a 64bit machine to do so...
    Clean install by choosing Drive Options (Advanced) and delete all partitions, install to Unallocated Space to ensure a true clean install...
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