folders are nt deleting

sum folders in my memory card is nt at all being deleted.. i tries several times to delete it bt it is nt been removed.. i cant be able to see any files in the memory card.. can anyone help me frm this problem//
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  1. Have you tried formatting the card?
    Some folders have hidden files that are write protected inside them, thus you will not be able to delete the folder without first getting rid of the hidden files inside them.
    To see the hidden files you need to change the Folder options from an explorer window or the control panel.
    Once you see them, delete them and then delete the folder.....

    Another thing is if the drive is infected with a virus it's not going to allow you to delete a folder containing files that are infected or made by the virus... so you need to scan the drive using a good antivirus too before you go ahead and do anything else.
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