new wifi = connected but no internet access

Hi ppl,

I bought my laptop around 3 weeks ago. I'm travelling around and therefore I use all few days a new wifi connection.
the problem: no internet access although I'm connected.

the story:

I bought my laptop, went back to my hostel, connected without any problem, downloaded avira antivir and turned on the windows firewall.
The next days I used the internet. everything fine. everything works.

I changed the location. Connected to my new hostels network. It told my, I'm connected, but I had no internet access. Troubleshoot told me that the problem is the router/modem or something with DNS server.
But with my mobile phone I had no problems going online. So it can't be the router/modem.
Spend hours until I solved the problem: I turned off the windows firewall, a windows showed up to set the wifi connection to public or private and the internet worked. I put back on the firewall and everything worked fine.

Next location. New wifi. honestly I cannot remember, if I could connect straight ahead or if I had to turn of the firewall again.
What I remember was, that avira annoyed me with all the messages and updates etc. that I uninstalled it and downloaded avast antivirus.

Changed location again. New wifi. Same problem. Connected but no internet access. I turned off the firewall. still no internet access. turned off avast. still no internet access. reboot. nothing helped. troubleshoot told me again it's the router although internet worked fine on my mobile...
I recovered (?) the computer to the day when wifi worked last, which uninstalled avast, and then, internet worked finally. I downloaded and installed avast again, turned on the firewall again, and everything worked.

New location. I cannot remember how much trouble I had with the connection, but probably it wasn't so bad or I would remember...

And now I'm here, at a new location again. with the same problem. connected but no internet access. Troubleshoot doesn't find any problem, says it can reach but ping cannot !!
turned off firewall didn't helped. turned off avast didn't helped.
But it's wierder here... I had a ping reply sometimes for 1 or 2 seconds and then no replies for several minutes.
Today I uninstalled avast again, internet access was finally here, downloaded avast again and everything works. It works but from time to time the internet access is gone for a few seconds.

So it seems that the problem was the firewall the first time. but after I uninstalled avira and installed avast, the problem came from avast. To just turn off avast didn't helped. I had to uninstall it everytime! I cannot keep on doing that every time I use a new wifi...
If anyone has a solution for me, I would be so happy!

Thank you for replies :)

*** edit ***
if it's important to know, I have windows 7.
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    Commonly in Windows 7 it gets confused after too many network changes.

    The thing that usually works is to open the network control panel, manage wireless networks, delete all the wireless networks in the list, then restart your computer and let it find all the available signals, choose the one you want and enter any passkey as needed.

    Particularly, in Europe I have to do this every month or so and it has always worked.

    I do not use a special firewall, and just use Microsoft Security Essentials, and run the free version on antimalwarebytes periodically.
  2. Thanks RealBeast for your reply....
    it's a bit weird when it's because of too many networks, when I have the problem since the start... one network change shouldn't be too many network changes... ?!
    But I will keep your tipp in mind :)
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