Is it worth upgrading a GTX 560

I don't game in resolutions over 1680X1050. I have a i7-2600 and 16GB of ram in my box. I'm wondering if it's really worth upgrading the video card yet?
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    Not really, Considering lower resolutions are usually CPU dependent and you have a pretty powerful CPU. Until you get up into 1080P i wouldent worry about the GPU. Unless you can find a 7850 or 7870 on amd or a 660 or 660ti for nvidia for cheap dont worry about it. especially if you're getting decent fps
  2. I'd dump that 560 in a heartbeat............... link the one you have.
  3. Depending on how much money he has it might be better to wait. But if he has over 200$ id say go for it. 7870's are 200 flat and the new R9 series cards and 760's can be had for a little more.
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