What is good cpu temp range after installing liquid cooling

I recently installed a Corsair Hydro H80 (dual fan setup)
After booting for the 1st time after installing , my CPU temp when idling fluctuates between 35-40C
My question is After installing liquid cooling is the 35-40C temp range avg? or is it above average
additional info : hydro set at regular fan speed
Specs are
Raidmax Seiran Case
gtx660ti dcuII top
2 chassis fans installed(front and side of GPU)
i5-3570 3.4 (not oced)
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  1. Your idle temperatures are fine.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the idle though, what is it like under load?
  2. 44-47C so far
  3. Best answer
    Really good temps for liquid, nice!
  4. Huh, so it actually only needed time to settle my temps are now fine thanks btw
  5. Ok temps, i'm using an asetek 120mm lc, my cpu idle temp is 20-25c (cores 0c) and under heavy load while streaming 30-40c :)
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