Which Gaming/VoIP headset for £80-£100 ?

Hello guys,

First of all, I have made so much research on headsets that I'm now confused on which one to go with, which is why I am making this post.

Basically, I am looking for a PC headset with a VERY GOOD microphone. I don't want a separate microphone/headphones, I just want a decent headset with a clear microphone.
I'm currently using a Turtle Beach X12 and not satisfied with the microphone at all. When using VoIP, I get comments such as "There is a buzzing sound on your mic", "Is there a fly in your mic?", etc. and after doing some research, I can confirm the problem comes from the headset (Turtle Beach x12).

I plan on using these for my PC ONLY so it doesn't need to be compatible with consoles. Also, I am not an expert when it comes to frequencies and features like noise-cancellation, etc. but this is what I'm looking for:
- Headset with a mute button or some way to mute the microphone e.g. by raising the boom arm
- Great microphone quality so people can hear me very clearly. (Noise-cancellation?)
- Some way to adjust the volume without having to minimize a full-screen application (e.g in-line control)
- Good sound quality obviously as I game a lot (LoL, FPS games, FIFA, etc.)
- At least 5.1 would be nice, but not essential
- Headset that doesn't break too easily, or some warranty would also be nice, but the warranty is not that important

So after doing some research, I had three headsets in mind which were:
- Razer Kraken 7.1
- Logitech G35
- Siberia V2
- Madactz F.R.E.Q 7

Right now, I'm leaning towards the Razer Kraken 7.1, the only thing that is letting me down about this headset is that it doesn't have an integrated volume control. But apart from that, after watching some reviews and mic tests on YouTube, the mic seems to be very clear compared to the Siberia V2. The Logitech G35 also seems to be a very good headset, the mic sounds really clear but I have read many reviews saying that the sound quality from Logitech headsets is not good. About the Madcatz FREQ7, there is not much about this headset but I know someone who has these, and he is very satisfied with them which is why I mentioned these headsets above.

Also, I am not sure about the USB connectors, would it be better for me to use a headset with a USB connector or the 3.5mm? (The Razer Kraken 7.1 uses the USB, and it apparently means that they have their own sound card installed inside the headset, but is my motherboards sound card not better?) My motherboard is the AsRock z68 Extreme3 Gen3, so the sound card is 7.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC892).

What do you guys think? Is there a better headset which I didn't mention and would suit my needs? If there is a better headset for £110, is it really worth the extra money?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated. :)
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    I'd say buy this , its the Siberia v2 which is on your list comes with a game item you can sell for around 80$ on steam marketplace and buy some games =)
  2. Thanks for the reply, they look promising but I'd like to hear more opinions :<
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