Intel HD 2500 vs Cheap GPU

Hello All-

This is my new PC:

I want to keep the 300watt psu...

What GPU will a 300watt psu run? I know most cards spec a 500watt minimum, just wondered if that was real-life or if you could get by with less?
....or would I get better performance just sticking with on-board graphics, HD 2500?

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  1. What exactly are you using your pc for?
    If your gonna do some gaming at reasonable settings and fps then I would seriously suggest upgrading your psu to at least a 450 to 500 watt psu and buying a dedicated graphics card.
    If your gonna use it for daily tasks like web browsing or office applications then your all good with what you got.
  2. just general use. mostly surfing, very light photoshop. 3rd person games like Wow or Tera Rising.

    so if I don't get a bigger power supply, don't bother with the card?
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    You can get a HD 7750. It should run on a 300W PSU and outperform the HD 2500.
  4. I got a XFX hd7750. dropped it in and don't get video output from it or the on-board graphics..
    I tried disabling the on-board graphics in device manager... Instructions say might need to change graphics adaptor priority in mobo BIOs, which in Win 8.1 is in UEFI.. somewhere.

    Can someone tell me how to install this. Thanks!
  5. My windows experience graphics score before card was 5.7
    After adding a XFX HD7750 it is 5.3

    can that be possible?
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