what do I need for surround sound gaming headset?

I want to be able to get surround sound through headphones while playing games on my pc. Do I need to purchase a sound card to make this happen? Do I need some type of additional hardware?

Also, any headset recommendations? Id like to use the headset for listening to music and would prefer that either their is no mic, or that it is removable. Is this even an option? As I don't play multiplayer, and have a wife and kids that wouldn't appreciate the racket of a speaker set up, headset is preferred.

Kinda a noob, thanks in advance.
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  1. You won't need a soundcard. Most if not all surround sound headsets have a module that either plugs into the analog or USB port. This module has surround processing built in.

    A number of headsets have a removable mic so you will have to search around. Many headsets allow the mic to be shut off or just tilted up, so even if it has a mic, you don't have to use it.

    I can't recommend a headset if I haven't tried it out and they don't make the one I own anymore which is a great headset. What is your budget?

    Happy surround, the Prisoner.
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