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hi there,
I'm new here and recently I was looking for a port replicator(docking station) that would have a parallel, serial, usb3.0(atleast one),usb2.0(not necessary), and 5.1 or. 2.1 audio. I was looking for one in Newegg and elsewhere for hours but I only found compactible to one or more computers(my laptop doesn't have a docking port). I need parallel and serial for programing chips and audio for my sub and I don't want dongles laying arround.
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    Finding one that has USB 3.0 AND Parallel/Serial (these are at opposite ends of the laptop technology spectrum) is going to be a tough one to find especially if your laptop doesn't have the option to use some type of docking connector... If you had a Dell with a docking connector, no problem, they make it.

    All of these things exist separately, but I wasn't able to find them all in a single unit. Maybe 2 or 3 different adapters could solve your needs.
  2. I think your right, ratedk, Maybe I will just buy a usb2.0 hub and a usb to parallel dongle. It would be much cheaper because com and parallel don't need high bandwidth.
  3. Hi,
    Right it is quite difficult to find docking station with serial and parrent port .
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