Computer Lags randomly with no explanation untill restarted

Windows 7 Home Premium
Gforce GTX 770
Intel i7-3770 CPU
8GB 1600 Ram
250GB SSD drive

Every time I boot up my PC there's a chance it wont run games without lagging, every game no matter what I play will lag bad, even thou the previous day I was running 80+ fps. Normally when this happens I have to restart 1-4 times in order for it to start running them correctly and I can normally tell right away when the main menus of games don't go below 15fps. The computer runs well except for this one problem.

I have updated all my drivers and turn off all power saving functions on my Nvidia control panel and the control panel.
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  1. Check your ram if it is tight in it's place or not, that mostly causes these kind of problems.
  2. All tight and in place.
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    Unrhymed said:
    All tight and in place.

    That's usually a hardware problem. Check if every hardware and connectors are tight in it's place. Try using only one ram stick at a time and check if it lags again. If it does check again using only the other one.
    Remove your gpu and install it again well. If problem persists then try switching your gpu with a friend's gpu which has no problem.
    if you find same results then try replacing your ssd with a sata or from a friend's ssd for a while.
    I think rather than ram or gpu or ssd or sata everything is fine. Let's hope there's not any problem with your motherboard slots.
    Cpu is fine or else pc won't boot up.
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