How do I know if the PCI express port is working?

Built a new gaming pc from a newEgg combo
The computer does not recognize my Graphics Card plugged in the PCI express, it only recognizes the little Intel card.
I cannot even install the graphics driver because the screen will say “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue, the graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”
I already tried taking it out a few times.
Should I do something in Device manager or BIOS?
Windows 8.1
Geforce GTX 760 (graphics card)
Gigabyte Z87-HD3 (motherboard)
Please Help me
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  1. More than likely it's actually the video card itself. Do you have another computer you can stick it in? Or maybe a friends/family puter?
  2. did you plug also the pci ex power connectors to the top right of the card?
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    Turn off computer, open side panel. Plug your video into the onboard, start computer, enter BIOS. Before we do anything else do you see the fan on the GPU (760) working? If you put your hand near (not touch) it do you feel any heat? If yes that we can determine the card is working then in BIOS go to Video and either disable the IG (integrated graphics) or set it to use the PCIx first. Reboot, and move the video cable to the GPU. Do you see BIOS?

    FORGET WINDOWS when trying to figureout video, that is the LAST thing to worry about.
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