in my windows 7 pc the device manager indicates the cd/dvd driver is not updated when i go to update the drriver it shows the

In my windows 7 pc my dvd drive suddenly disappear and when check though device manager it indicates to update device software. I have check the hardware in CPU it is all right cd drive is opening and close normally and data cable of drive is also ok. But I put windows cd in drive andd restarts the pc it starts loading the new windows it shows drive is ok but some driver or something went wrong with pc or may be due to virus . That is the problem I could not find out to enable my dvd drive. Thanks hope for early solution
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  1. Have you tried using a different SATA cable? Or different connector from the power supply?

    If neither of those work, try vising the website of the manufacturer of your Motherboard and disk drive and check for drivers that may be affiliated with it.
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