KVM for 4k at 30 Hz monitor using HDMI or display port

I am looking for a 4 port kvm switch to allow me to use a seiki 39" 4k at 30 hz TV as my monitor. My computers (output in HDMI or display port) and as I understand it the seiki uses HDMI 1.4a input
I have tried the iogear GCS 1794 but it does not support it well screen goes blank every 5 to 40 secs for 3.8 sec
Iogear states "it will not support less than 60HZ"hz
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  1. that switch only supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 and i believe that the vast majority of KVMs only support that resolution.

    there are some that support higher but will be very expensive in comparison.
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