Need help picking an AM3+ Mobo

I'm planning on putting together a computer over winter break, and I am set on all the components except the motherboard.

AMD Fx 8320
CM 212 evo
2x4gb 2133mhz ram
Cooler Master N400 case
MSI GTX780 Twin Frozr
Kingwin 750w PSU
Asus DVD drive
1TB western digital 7,200rpm

Any advice on a motherboard,
I intend to overclock the CPU as far as I can with little voltage increases,
And I may want to he able to SLI later, but I don't know if that would be ridiculous, since I have a 60hz monitor

I'm in the budget for 130$ or preferably less

What do you think would work well?
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  1. Get a better quality power supply, like seasonic or xfx

    You cannot sli with a 750w psu.

    You can get a cheaper RAM though, 1600mhz or even a 1333mhz RAM will do, I will recommend G.Skill Ares or Sniper

    I will recommend AsRock extreme pro motherboard, its about 100$
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    ok i must start from the fact that NO AMD mobo under 130$ will have PCIe 3.0 .. all of them are 2.0 so SLI a GTX 780 is NOT recommended doe to the limit in data transfer.

    As for the mobo, this is the only one i can say that will hold an OC due to the "Military Class" quality mobo.


    EDIT as @gameboy1998 just said, Get a better brand PSU especially if you want it to hold an OC + if youll get a lower Mhz RAM like an 1866Mhz you can use the money and get a really great mobo like the ASUS Sabertooth:

    A great RAM:
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