Problems with hamachi and port forwarding.


I wanted to play minecraft with my friend. First I thought that it's a simple task, but it turned out to be pain in the ass to get the server where we both could play privately working.

If I have understood everything right there are three ways to play minecraft with your friend in private server.

1. Way: Buying a hosted server from somewhere, which is completely out of the case as we don't want to pay to anyone.

2. Using hamachi to create a "lan" and then make a server.

We tried this first. We both downloaded hamachi, and then I created a network with it. My friend and I could join the server created with hamachi, but it lagged like a hell, and I found out that the problem was that in the hamachi when my friend joined my network the connection dot was blue instead of green. What means that we didn't have a direct tunnel between us. We didn't find any ways to change that, as it seemed to be pretty uncommon problem. So we desided not to use hamachi.

The third and the last way was to create a server after you had port forwarded your router.
Port forwarding seemed to be quite simple in youtube videos, but of course we run in to problems.
I wen't to my routers online setup page and tried to port forward my router.
It was hard to find where the port forwarding section were, but I finally discovered it under the NAT menu. There were three boxes and it looked like this:
Starting port Ending port IP
All ports All ports
0 0
I put 25565(the port what minecraft uses) at both starting and ending port boxes and my ipv4 adress to ip slots and hit save, just like I was told to to, but when I ran some software it said that my ports weren't open and my friend couldn't connect to my server. And my friends online router page didn't even have any port forwarding option (maybe because it is wlan?) which I find to be pretty weird.

But now we don't see any way to play minecraft together as everything we do seems to fail.
So do you have any suggestions what should we do?
Thanks for the (possible) help.

Ps. Sorry for the possible typos. I wrote this in bit hurry, and I didn't remove all of them.
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  1. Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
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