Just checking, will this Female Molex to SATA adapter work to plug a Molex fan controller into?

I'm pretty sure it should work, but I'm going to check here just in case. It states Molex to SATA, but I will be using it to go from SATA to Molex. In effect, working backwards on the name. There shouldn't be any trouble, should there?
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  1. Double check if your SATA is FEMALE, becase that adapter is MALE. For the molex, usually molex connectors has both male and female back to back.
  2. That should work just fine for what you need.
  3. What I need to plug INTO that is male Molex. A fan controller.
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    Well if you're going to plug in a male molex there, it will work because the adapter has a female connector. But make sure your PSU has a female SATA connector.
  5. Okay. Sorry if that was a pretty obvious question - I've had adapters not work both ways before. Quite ridiculous, it would seem. Thanks!
  6. lol goodluck. :)
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