SATA to IDE adapter?

My folks have an older dell with an IDE HD, no SATA, and I want to get files off this old HD (which is dying, either HD, MB, RAM or CPU are starting to fail) which has XP onto the new HD running Windows 7 (not the entire HD, just word documents, pictures, etc.) of their new Dell Inspiron 660's SATA HD.

Is there an adapter that will let me go from Legacy on the old HD to the SATA on the new MB?

If not, what is the best way to do this? I can fire up the old PC, and it will probably work long enough to get the files, but its really really slow, and other than a 16 GB Flash Drive, I don't have any portable storage to make the transfer.
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  1. If you can plug the SATA hard drive in to the motherboard the IDE drive is connected to [ it might have SATA ports ] then you would just use the miracle of copy and paste

    Other than that you can buy adapters that fit in to pci-e or pci slots on the new motherboard that will allow you to connect an IDE drive , and then you copy the data
    I didnt check for a better priced unit . Thats the first one that came up in my search
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  3. you can try these:
    I've never used one, and they seem very unreliable and shaky, certainly not meant for long term use.

    if you just want the files, buy a IDE to USB converter, its much easier to use.
  4. don't need to buy a controller just fire up the old PC and do it over the network use easy windows file transfer over the network from win 7 it will make a usb installer run it on XP and you will be all good to go.
    Good luck.
  5. I have one of these:
    USB IDE/SATA cable. Use it regularly. Works flawlessly (with a drive that actually works)
  6. Hi

    There are sata to IDE adapters but they often do not work reliably or only work on some PCs

    Better option is a USB tray they often have both sata & IDE connectors in side
    You can also get PCI ATA add in cards (no use for laptops)


    Mike Barnes
  7. You know, I really didn't have anything to worry about!

    My parent's old PC had a 40G drive!!

    And all told, all the pictures and misc files that I ended up transferring only amounted to 1.5G!!

    I really expected there to be more, but between stuff they don't use anymore or doesn't work even on the old PC anyway, or won't work with Win 7 (only one program they weren't even using) it all fit nicely on my flash drive.

    Thanks for all the info tho! You guys rock!
  8. hahahaha good for you.
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